Mipango Account


An account that offers you tremendous benefits

MIPANGO Account is a cumulative fixed term deposit account that offers the best interest  in the market that enables you to turn your dream into reality within a particular term or period of time. If you are planning to build your house, pay school fees, buy a car, engage in trade etc. MIPANGO Account is a right choice!

Features and Benefits:

Get the highest interest rate in the market and let your money work for you

  • Freedom is yours! You can choose from 3 months up to 24 months
  • Minimum opening balance is TZS 50,000
  • No account management fees
  • Offers an easy access to your funds on maturity
  • Allow you to continue depositing into your account and earn interest on the increased balance. The longer you fix deposit, the higher the return

Whether you’re an individual or a company open an account today and watch your money grow!

Visit your nearest FINCA Microfinance Bank branch with valid identification card, letter from your local leader and initial deposit from 50,000 and above (The higher deposit the higher rate you get)


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