Our products are designed to provide financial services to our clients in a manner that upholds banking standards in customer satisfaction and transparency. We tailor our service delivery to offer you convenience and ensure the utmost security and efficiency when carrying out transactions.

Hakika Account

Go confidently in the direction of your dream with Hakika Account!

Mkwanja Account

Choose a bank account that fits you. Guarantee the safety and security

Mipango Account

With the highest interest rate in the market, let your money work for you.


Small Group Loan

Together you can build a better life.

Education Loan

Let's join hands in shaping the future of the nation.

Business Loan

See your business reach higher heights.


Other Services

SMS Alerts

Stay updated on your banking transactions on your mobile phone.

Payroll Solutions

Let us help you manage your salary payments to staff.

Cash Management Solutions

Make and receive payments the better, faster, safer way.

FINCA Mobile

Your bank account is now in the palm of your hand.

FINCA Express Wakala

Your bank in your neighborhood, at your fingertips.

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