As is our mission worldwide, FINCA Microfinance Bank primarily serves the country’s low-income entrepreneurs and aims to ultimately help them improve their standard of living. FINCA Microfinance Bank stems from an idea conceived over 25 years ago and continues to grow and invent means to effectively reach a wider client base.

FINCA Microfinance Bank Milestones

1985  Foundation of FINCA International
FINCA (Foundation for International Community Assistance) is established.
1998  Establishment of FINCA Tanzania
FINCA Tanzania is launched and begins operating as a micro-finance institution.
2013  Transition to Deposit-Taking Institution
FINCA Tanzania becomes the first Micro-finance Institution licensed and regulated by the Bank of Tanzania and begins offering savings accounts with additional banking services.
2014  Introduction of FINCA Express (Agency Banking)
As a means to increase its outreach in providing financial services to communities, FINCA Microfinance Bank introduced Agency Banking - using retail agents to offer proximity banking services. The pilot phase is going on in Dar es Salaam - with full roll out scheduled for 2015.
2015  FINCA becomes a fully fledged bank
After 17 years of operation as micro-finance institution in the country, FINCA Tanzania accomplished yet another milestone, which opens a whole new chapter of our operations as FINCA Microfinance Bank.
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